September 14, 2012

Slipp Into Style

Over ten years ago in Sun Valley I met a man named Percy, not the most common of names, and I remember him telling me about his very cool "shoes" that were needlepoint "slippers". He told me they were made by his company Stubbs & Wootton. That coversation has stuck with me...

So what's the story behind Percy and this fantastic brand? Back in the 90's, Percy Steinhart was working at Citicorp (now Citigroup) when he says, “I saw something happening in Palm Beach, all of my friends were wearing these velvet evening slippers. I thought I could do something more diverse, and more whimsical with it.” Steinhart found a factory that would make his quirky velvet slippers with emblems ranging from harlequins to crests to skulls in Spain, and in 1993 Stubbs & Wootton was born. Stores in Palm Beach, New York City and the Hamptons followed. To read more about the history of Stubbs & Wootton check out this article "Inside the Cult of Stubbs & Wooton." 

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In the past few years the popularity of slipper style shoes has increased and Stubbs & Wootton has become even more popular than before. They have even collaborated with J Crew on these three slippers.

There are certainly more economical slippers out there (S&W cost $400) but these are definitely the most classic and revered in their class. Do any C&C readers own a pair?

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