August 29, 2012

What to Wear

A friend contacted me earlier this week with a fashion conundrum. She is going to her high school reunion and is wondering what to wear. She has multiple events, but as far as I'm concerned, the official reunion party is the most important. She is helping to plan the event and, of course, wants to look extra fabulous. My go-to is always Rent The Runway.

Here are some dresses that I think would be perfect for the trendy, but somewhat casual restaurant where the event is being held. In my opinion, over dressed is better than under dressed in these situations.

My friend has beautiful dark hair, so this green Issa Royal Wrap dress would be perfect for her, a la Kate Middleton. 

 This Missoni Triangle dress is a bit business in the front...

And party in the back! Maybe not the best since she has a baby under the age of one, but again the color would be fabulous on her.

I think this BCBG is my favorite for her. The colors would be fantastic with her complexion, and this dress looks easy and comfortable.  And, it's called the "Class President" dress. Could that be any more fitting? (the rental is only $60)

You can never go wrong with Milly. This Sail Away dress would be very figure flattering and she could wear a normal bra (always a plus). I would pair it with gold shoes.

This Milly Flutter Away dress would also be fantastic: perfect color and shape!

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  1. You are incredible, Regan! Thank you soooooo much! xoxo