June 28, 2012

Wedding Update: Rehearsal Dinner Dress

With the wedding less than two months away, I'm working on nailing down all the details. Of course I'm focusing on the most important things...like what I'm going to wear for each and every event. The rehearsal dinner is a picnic outside on the river - think Martha Stewart meets a "River Runs Through It." Originally I thought I wanted to wear white, but that all changed when I was browsing the Tibi site and came across this pink and orange silk long dress.

At the time they had it in my size, but I needed a few days to let the price settle in. Little did I know that Blair from Atlantic Pacific would wear the dress within those few days, causing, of course, a international craze for all things pink and orange color-blocked and anything that is or closely resembles this dress. Tibi assures me they are cutting more (I'm on a wait list), but thankfully I've got Rent The Runway as a backup. I went ahead and bought these Schutz Devon sandals from Gilt Groupe to wear with it, since we'll be on the grass all night.

I'm still not 100% that this is the dress, so I'm open to suggestions if you've got them!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! You will look amazing!!! Although you would look amazing in anything.

  2. Beautiful dress and the perfect occasion! Good choice on the shoes.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information and will be useful in arranging my family get together party next month. Already one of local outdoor venues has been booked and now planning to hire an expert outdoor photographer too.