June 29, 2012

Trump Style

Earlier this week, Haley of Cadigan Junkie posted shoes from the Ivanka Trump collection. I immediately feel head over heels...or should I say, "head over this wedge"! Seriously, I am doing everything in my power not to buy it, but I am so, so tempted!

Ivanka Trump Women's Halyn Wedge Sandal $150 (on sale for $99)

It has a similar look to this Tory Burch wedge, which is also on sale, but still more expensive. And, I actually like the Ivanka Trump wedge more.

Now back to Ivanka Trump. We've blogged about her before (here), and since then she has been busy as ever building her empire in true Trump style. Not only is Ivanka a member of the Trump International business team, but she also has a fashion and jewelry collection, is a published writer and appears on The Apprentice along side her father. Oh, and did I mention she has a 10 month old baby. She's one busy lady! 

Bottom line, she is a fantastic role model for women, and of course, she does it all with grace, composure and mostly importantly style.  Here are some of my favorite looks. 

She wore this fantastic dress from Alloy (it was only $45) to the Inglorious Bastards premiere back in 2009. I blogged about it way back when, and now I am kicking myself for not buying it! 

Here is a recent photo from her Facebook page. This kind of photo makes her seem more "normal" like the rest of us!

This photo is from 2007 and is a perfect example of how Ivanka's classic style stands the test of time. 
image via fabsugar

In Carolina Herrera at the Celebrity Apprentice Finale. Love the dress, the hair and the makeup!

This is NY street chic at its finest! 

images via stylebistro

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  1. Aren't those the coolest wedges?! I like that they aren't as rough looking as ones made with hemp/raffia/whatever it is they use. Despite her crazy family, I admire someone who has got her act together like Ms. Trump!