June 14, 2012

5 Days of What I Wore to Work

Dressing for work everyday is hard. And we all get tired of our clothes. Lately, I've been trying to shop in my own closet. Here are five outfits I've worn to work in the last two weeks. 95% of the pieces are over a year old. 
Each outfit has a different look and has items from a range of stores and prices. For me, just because it's work, doesn't mean it needs to be boring. What are your biggest challenges dressing for work?


  1. You day a great job putting outfits together. It's a lot of fun shopping in one's own closet and coming up with new looks. Much more satisfying than copying someone else's look or running to the stores.

  2. My biggest challenge is getting stuck in a rut. I am afraid to take chances for fear of looking silly, so I tend to stick with suit and cardigan/pants combos. It is espcailly hard as I am bigger than I would like, so dressing for my body has to come into play as well.

  3. Anonymous, it's definitely hard to dress for work. And dressing for your body is always a challenge. Another blogger who I read daily who does a great job of wearing great body-appropriate outfits is http://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/. Check her out.