April 2, 2012

Sunday Snapshots

The highlight of this weekend, apart from finally getting our certificate for marriage preparation to get married in the Catholic Church (after two full Saturdays with 45 other couples from the D.C. area), was the purchase of a new camera! I've been in the market since my Canon G9 (which I loved) met its death last month, and I'm so excited about my new Canon Rebel T2i (here's a review of it). 

Yesterday we set out for a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are a few snapshots from the day.

I'm hoping this weather continues through the week. Today is my last day of work and I've got the rest of the week off. I start a new job on Monday and am really looking forward to a few days off to workout, plan the wedding, and do some cooking! It's a stay-cation!

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