April 3, 2012

Let's Get Physical

Yesterday's post featured Black Milk Clothing Company and their crazy cool leggings! But let's be real...the leggings are a bit over the top, and they are definitely not performance fabric. I guarantee breathability and moisture wicking are not properties they considered. Even if they were made of performance fabric, my loyalty lies with the swoosh!

Let me say, Nike has really stepped it up, and my insiders tell me it keeps getting better. I do my best to keep my workout wear fresh and cool, especially since I wear it so often. A few months ago I bought these fantastic Nike Pop Art Capri Pants, and I love them! 

Now I am on the hunt for some new, fun tights for spring and summer. Here are a few of my favorites! 

Nike Relay Running Capri $58

Nike Pro Core Print Compression Capri $45

Nike Pro Compression Fit Capri $45

You will definitely be seeing me at Barre3 sporting at least one, if not all of these capri pants!

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