March 15, 2012

Splurge vs. Save

You may remember last year when I posted my summer wish list that I was totally bananas over this bauble necklace from Oliphant Design. I ended up getting it for my birthday in September, and I absolutely love it! 

It also comes in this fabulous coral color. 
Yesterday when browsing my blog roll, I came across this photo posted by Haley of Cardigan Junkie

At first glance I thought, "she also has the same necklace", but when looking at her photo credit I realized got her necklace from Peacock Plume and for only $40! Well done Haley! 

So if you are looking to save over $100, check out Peacock Plume for a nearly identicle version. Just don't tell the folks at Oliphant Design! 


  1. Amazing - great find! I love the mint.

  2. Thanks for sharing, ladies! I met the ladies from Peacock Plume at a conference and casually asked how much the necklace was, then squawked "I'll take it!" when they shared the price. :) I was expecting them to say $98 or something. I actually posted about their stuff today - they have several things that look pricy but aren't!

  3. Oliphant has cute jewelry but unfortunately they order everything from Jewelry House, an online wholesale jewelry site. I'd be cautious about ordering anything from them again based on the fact that they don't just double the wholesale price, but at a minimum quadruple the price.

  4. Thanks for the tip anonymous. Looks like Peacock Plume is the place to go for affordable prices on great statement pieces!