January 2, 2012

Oh Mexico

I hope you all had wonderful week with your friends and family! Regan and I spent a restful week in Baja, where we've spent Christmas the last 24 years. Despite very windy weather, we had a great time. As I try to get back in the groove of things and prepare for the start of the work week tomorrow, here's a recap of our vacation (Regan and the mini Fashionista are en route today after being stuck in the airport yesterday for 8 hours, to only have their flight canceled...sorry guys! She did see Andrew Firestone, his wife, and 2 daughters, for all you Bachelor fans!). 

Our vaca included Mexican rattles (aka maracas), Christmas regalos (thanks for my new Converse watch Regs!), fierce games of Mexican train (if you don't have it, get it!), lots of play time with the mini, and finally on our very last day, fun in the sun enjoying our new paddle boards! 

Feliz Ano Nuevo from Cardigans & Couture!

Katie & Regan

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