December 21, 2011

Splurge v. Save - A Cartier Look-Alike

Regan's husband is very into watches, or as he calls them, proper timepieces, as she explained earlier this year. They've gotten big lately (both in size and trend). And while we'd all love to have a beautiful gold Cartier, it's essentially like walking around with a luxury car on your wrist, and it doesn't even drive you for now, probably not the most sensible of purchases (for now...). The Cartier Ballon Blue is one of my favorites. It screams elegance and sophistication. And I love the detail of the sapphire in the dial and blue-colored hands.

If you're looking for that aesthetic, at the fraction of the price, check out the Freelook Women's Cortina Roman Numeral Matte Gold Watch. For $99, it's definitely worth the investment while you wait for your Cartier to drive by. 

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