November 7, 2011

Ann Taylor Moratorium Monday

Tonight I'm going to a Capital Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers event at Ann Taylor. To get in the mood, and to do a little advance work, I thought I'd share what caught my eye from the store right now. I'm currently on a shopping moratorium, but I'm considering a temporary, one-day ban for tonight's event. I'm leaning towards something black or blue - that color combo, despite sounding a bit bruised, is one of my all-time favorites. What piece do you think I should come home with? (SHHH....don't tell Dr. B).


  1. Ohhh was just in there and saw lots of cute things. Have fun!

  2. Chassity, I was amazed at how much great stuff they have! Just loading photos on the Facebook page from the event. The new concept store was really nice!