October 5, 2011

Rent the Runway Style Awards

Last week I wrote about my experience renting dresses for a wedding from Rent the Runway. While on their Facebook page I saw that they have regular photo contests of their customers - so I thought, why not send in my pics. I had a great experience...I'll support the social media cause. I never thought in a million years I'd get chosen. So you might imagine Monday morning how surprised I was to receive an email that I was a finalist. I was down right shocked when I went to their FB page and found my other photo as their profile picture! Basically I'm famous. Okay, well not really. But for 5 minutes I kind of felt like it. And it was definitely the highlight of my week. I never win anything (I know, I haven't won yet, but being a featured fan felt like winning).

So now I'm begging asking for your help. I really want to win this little contest. It's the competitive former ski racer in me. I'm not sure I get anything more than another profile picture feature and mention on their blog. But I will sleep well at night knowing I beat the other four girls I'm up against. And I truly think that my dress choice is the cutest (Was that catty? Can you tell I'm in it to win it!) So if you have a minute to spare, click HERE, "like" Rent the Runway, and then "like" my photo. I will dedicate my big win to all the loyal C & C readers! 

Thread Social dress (Rent the Runway), Zara pumps, Donald Pliner clutch, Angela Caputi resin bracelets, custom monogram necklace

1 comment:

  1. How exciting! I love RTR they have become my go to for dresses and that one you got is super cute. I'll have to remember it for holiday parties. I "liked" your picture- good luck!