October 12, 2011

Change of Seasons

I know it's Wednesday, and this post has nothing to do with cardigans, but we've decided to provide our readers with quality, not quantity. That said, Cardigan Wednesday won't be every week, but we'll still make sure to keep you all up to date on the latest and greatest cardi's.

On to another topic...

It's officially fall! I was really loving the 80 degree weather in September, but I knew it was too good to last. Instead of fighting the change of seasons, I've decided to embrace it by celebrating all things appropriate for fall and winter.

And these couldn't be more fabulous. A bit of a knock off of the orginal L.L. Bean Duck boot, but I  think I like these even more.


  1. Those little boots are adorable!! I'd definitely spend more time out in the mud and dirt with those on!

  2. So cute! Would be great for rain and snow this fall/winter!