September 20, 2011

Well Heeled

Reader Ashley asked for work shoe ideas, specifically heels in brown or neutrals and reasonably priced (most are under $100). We all need a good neutral shoe in our wardrobe. But it's also fun to have some of the latest trends to add as statement pieces to a basic suit. Hopefully she'll find a pair or two, or three. Happy shopping!

Naturally Neutral

Naturally Neutral by kdubdub featuring low heel pumps

Loving Loafers

70s Inspired Suede Wedges

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  1. Love you C&C and so does my cute skirt suit today with nasty flats! Thanks for your help. The BCBG's are a must. Treating myself to some welcome-back-to-work shoe loving online tonight. xo

  2. Ashley, so glad you liked the selections. And you definitely deserve a new pair!!! Or two!!!