September 19, 2011

Moschino Mondays

Over 9 years ago, yes you read that right, on a trip to Europe, my mom, Regan, and I were in Rome and we came across this amazing suit by Moschino. And while I can't remember exactly how much it was, it was cheap (relatively speaking)! And despite their tag line "Cheap and Chic," chic it is, cheap it is not. Being twins, you might imagine the tete a tete that ensued in the store and thereafter as to who would go home with the designer Italian find. At the time it fit Regan better. She won. Over time, it got too big for her (we all felt so sad for her-not so much) and it now belongs to me (score!) This suit proves that well made designer pieces stand the test of time. I still get compliments on it and people are shocked at how old it is. So don't be too quick to send your quality pieces to Good Will.  

Here are a few favorites from Moschino's Resort 2012 line. Maybe a trip to Italy is in order to find some new sale finds. Seems totally rational to me. Which look is your favorite?

Images via Style.Com

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  1. I like the fourth one down. Call it the nautical Jackie-O. I would wear them all!

  2. What a classic piece - I absolutely love it. I also love that both of you have had a chance to own and wear it.