July 1, 2011

Feature Friday - whippedSTYLE

As you know from last week's Feature Friday, I recently joined the DC Fashion and Beauty Bloggers. At my first event I met Casie of whippedSTYLE and we became fast friends. Finding her blog is like walking into Nordstrom Rack and finding a Missoni scarf for 75% off--Ca-Ching! How could you have gone your entire life without this in your life? Thankfully, you no longer have to. Casie was kind enough to guest post today (despite being all the way across the country in Cali), and I assure you, this read will brighten your day.

Like many women I know, I am always looking for balance between the many different mes. I have an undeniable love for trends and fashion but I also want to be taken seriously in the workplace and fit in on Sunday afternoons. So while I may day dream about studded Christian Louboutin's with high-waisted shorts, messy hair, and neon nails--these aren't always looks I can get away with in my "real life." So to satisfy the battling Casies, I try to find small ways to include the trends I'm loving in ways that will be more in line with my inner prepster.

One of my favorite trends right now is neon. Whether a bold piece like a neon-splashed skirt or a small touch such as nail polish--neon is fashion's current, fun pop of color. Lucky for me, many brands are mixing neon with more conservatively designed pieces and there are tons of fabulous finds on Etsy that add a little edge to any look. Here's a little neon eye candy as well as some of my favorite finds and how I might style the trend for everyday.

neon II

neon splash

Thanks Casie for today's post. I too am OBSESSED with neon! I know C & C's readers will love your blog just as much as I do! You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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