June 13, 2011

Monogram Mania

I am, and always will be, obsessed with monograms. If there is empty space, why not monogram it. Classic, elegant, timeless, preppy...I mean really, what isn't there to love about scribbling your initials all over something? I was recently at the D.C. offices of Facebook for work, and they've got a "wall" that visitors can sign. Unable to come up with anything witty to leave behind with my name on it, I just left my monogram. When in doubt, monogram it!

Lately, without intention, my life has been monogram mania. I'd been wanting a lace monogram necklace for sometime and finally had one made by a jeweler in NYC. I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out and have been wearing it non-stop since it arrived less than two weeks ago.

Digging around in my office drawer the other day, I found a birthday gift that a dear friend sent to me a few years ago (clearly she knows me well). This personal embosser can add your initials to stickers, envelopes, memos, even the inside of a book when lending it out. You got it, I'll monogram it.

Finally, my lucite tray (from a previous post) arrived from Erin Condren and I'm so thrilled with the colors (I just named the ones I wanted - salmon and mint - and they delivered), the quality, and the surprise step and repeat monograms on the bottom! Be still my heart. Me and this tray...it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
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  1. Love, love, love!! Your new necklace and your awesome new haircut were the first two things I noticed on pictures you just posted on facebook. Sooo cute!! Monograms are the best. That lucite tray is insanely cute!! Fabulous color choices.

  2. Thanks Kate! Getting accustomed to the haircut, but I do really like it! I can't take my necklace off! It's the best! Loved your post today!

  3. My icon, a miss Bee from Atlantic-pacific always wore similar necklace, and I noticed a few weeks ago you've been rocking the monogram too. Love it, and might have to copy. There's gunna have to be room in our building for the both of us.

  4. Love Atlantic-Pacific! Yes, I finally bit the bullet and got one. I've been wanting one FOREVER and just decided to make it happen -courtesy of the IRS - wait...courtesy of me...then it got lent to IRS, then they recently gave it back.

  5. My mom got matching monogram necklaces for my sisters and me a few years ago for Christmas. I think they're actually the same as Blair's. I never take it off!