May 4, 2011

Henri Lou Who?

I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs and Sweet Details posted about a recent purchase of a Henri Lou bracelet and necklace and I couldn't help but share with you all! Henri Lou jewelry is inspired from a saddle shop in the ghost town of Calico, which is located between the stretch of road between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Sweet Details, I'm very jealous of your new purchases! These bracelets are fabulous, especially the pastels for summer. They have an Hermes feeling for me, at a not-so-Hermes price! Great find!


  1. Katie...I know aren't they just the best!! Thank you for the sweet words :) :) I just LOVE your blog!!

  2. Thanks for reading and promoting C & C on Sweet Details! Loved your post today on last week's Cardi Wednesday's cardigan - especially the tip that it went on sale! I shared with the readers on our new FB page - if you haven't check it out. I had to buy the blue and white one I was coveting!