May 19, 2011

Fitness Fashion Passion

My love for fashion extends into my love for workout gear. Growing up as an athlete in an extremely active community, my workout gear became a collection of its own in my wardrobe. With C & C's other half having spent 6 years at Nike, my small obsession was fed and slowly over time became an addiction...the kind they have support groups for. "Hi, my name is Katie, I have tank tops, capris, running shoes, t-shirts, half-zips, sports bras, shorts, skorts, and name a various colors, lengths, cuts, and styles for every sport and occasion.

My mantra is, you cannot control how you are perceived, but you can control how you are presented, and that even applies when you're working out. So, when I was in Dick's the other day (Note: I didn't buy one thing) I was inspired by all the Nike brights and thought I'd share some of my favorite workout gear with you! I love how Nike follows the season's trends, like stripes, polka dots, and tie dye-making it easy to be functional and fashionable while you're sweating your butt off. So here are three staples in my workout wardrobe. They are figure flattering, functional, and come in an array of colors. So get out there, and in the words of Nike, Just Do It!
1. Race Day Women's Running Capri
2. Tradition Rib Women's Training Tank Top (Dri-Fit)
3. Dri-Fit Cotton Women's Training T-Shirt


  1. Love the post! Have you ever been to They have a huge selection of Nike gear and for a fraction of the price. It's where I buy most of my clothes - especially since shipping is so cheap! It's always a good site to keep in mind when in search of something :)

  2. also has killer deals on designer shoes!

  3. You should check out Lulu Lemon. their stuff wears beautifullly, yes, pricey, but so many style and color options. a staple in Canada, where it started.

  4. Since I an a U of O grad I have a silly amount of Nike gear! In fact I just ordered 3 more pairs of running shorts and they will be here tomorrow!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on I haven't heard of that. I'll have to check it out. Now that we no longer get the Nike family discount, I need to find gear at discount prices.

    I don't have anything Lulu Lemon, but think their product is great! Whenever I see girls in their stuff it's always so cute and the fit is terrific. One of these days I may try it out. I'm so brand-loyal to Nike at this point that it's hard for me to branch out.

    Thanks for all your comments ladies and thanks for reading! The comments kind of make my day!

  6. Good to know about your love for workout gear. I was not much into fashion but recently bought alo yoga pants for my daily workout and have been using them for couple of weeks now. These are very comfortable for yoga as well as workouts.