November 9, 2009

My Wish List

Every girl has a wish list, whether it includes a handbag, a dress, a house, or to acquire a new talent. If money were no object (as if that is ever the case), what would be on your wish list? In the next two weeks I will post the Wish Lists of some of my readers.

Here is my current Wish List. It's focused on fashion, but it certainly goes beyond shoes, clothes, and handbags...

1. Chanel Tweed

2. A Swiss made watch (like this Patek Phillipe)

3. Christian Louboutin shoes (that means multiple pairs)

4. "Timeless Classic" Chanel 2.55 handbag

5. Oscar de la Renta dress (the event will determine the dress, but really any old Oscar will do)

6. My mother's Louis Vuitton trunk that belonged to my grandmother. She used it during their trips across the Atlantic when her father was in the Army. (it looks like the one below)

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  1. Bon Voyage!! Have a wonderful trip and vacation!!