May 14, 2009

Maglia Rosa

In honor of the Giro d'Italia and its 100th year, I thought I would pay homage to the Maglia Rosa, the leader's pink jersey. Since there isn't much room for Women's fashion in cycling, except for the Podium Girls (which I will address in a future post), I thought I would showcase my version of a Maglia Rosa.

P.S. I DIE for the BR halter top!

1) Roberto Cavali $1275 2) J Crew $79.50 3) Ralph Lauren $74.50 (sale)
4) Banana Republic $69.50 5) Banana Republic $59.00 6) Tory Burch $295


  1. Amazing post! I love the homage to the pink jersey!

  2. Thanks Emily! I am a big fan of the Giro and of the color pink, soi thought it was a fun concept! I really may have to go buy the Banana Republic top! :)

  3. Super cute. Super. Love them all.