September 30, 2013

Products We Love

I love bars.

Actually, no...not that kind of bar....although that does look pretty awesome (I'll take a glass of cab)... I'm talking about these.

Everyone has their picks, but I thought I'd share my favorites. Let's start with old reliable.

I've been eating Kind Bars for several years...well before they started selling them at Starbucks and in airports. I'm not one of those people that stop liking something once it becomes cool. In fact, I'm glad they're more mainstream because it means I can get them EVERYWHERE...A healthy, delicious snack is almost always available. From plane trips to football games, these are a go-to for me.

I'm not really sure where I first bought thinkThin protein bars - it might have been Trader Joe's (add these to the products I love) - but the chunky peanut butter, creamy peanut butter, and brownie crunch make regular appearances in my meal lineup. With 20g of protein and 230 calories, they're great for breakfast, lunch, or a snack when you need something quick and somewhat nutritious. 

Now to my new-found favorite - the Good Bean bars. These bars have all the deliciousness of my favorite bars - without the fat and allergens of nuts - and they're only 130 calories! The main ingredient is chickpeas, and you'd never know it. I've tried all three flavors and don't yet have a favorite. These might be my new go-to. 

And last, but not least, if I've got the time I'm a huge fan of making my own bars - specifically the barre3 energy barre! My biggest complaint about these guys is that I can't eat just one! 

What are your favorite bars?

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  1. haha i was thinking of writing a blog post about bars. you read my mind.. (although mostly i think i eat different bars). i'm a big fan of zone bars. they taste like a candy bar but are surprisingly filling. also the clifs builders bars, but only certain flavors like chocolate pb. oh and trader joe's has this amazing wafer protein bar and the pb flavor tastes like candy. except i have to eat two of them to feel full. so, yeah. and i like the other kind of bars too. ;)