September 19, 2016

Rockets of Awesome

I was recently introduced to the kids clothing subscription box called "Rockets of Awesome". 

Four times a year they send you a box with 12 items (11 pieces of clothing and one accessory) for your child. You fill out a profile with your child's sizes and preferences, and they send you items based on your profile. 

Shipping is free, and you are only charged for the items you keep. The clothes are designed by the Rockets of Awesome team to be durable, comfortable and at an affordable price point....most items fall between $12-$36. 

We received our first box last week, and I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised. 

First the items we didn't keep....I would have kept some of these if she didn't already have so many clothes. 

I really loved this dress ($34), but with the warm weather coming to an end I am only buying long sleeve dresses.

I kept two items, a pair of basic navy leggings ($14) and this adorable top ($24). 

Overall I really liked the style of the clothes, the design details, like the colored zipper, and the out of box experience. 

I highly recommend anyone with a child between the age of 2-12 try it! If you use this link to join, once you make your first purchase, you will get one item for free! I can't wait for our winter box to arrive! 

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