August 18, 2016

Let's Face It

Let's face it, once you hit your mid 30's you start to think about aging. Am I the only who notices more wrinkles, spots, dark circles?

I have nothing against aging, in fact, my life has just gotten better with each passing year, so I'm not about to try and reverse that. But I would like to try and reverse, or at least delay, the signs of aging on my face.

I've known about Rodan & Fields for a while now, and had been curious, but never enough so to try it. A few months ago my friend Courtney finally convinced me to take the plunge, and I ordered the Reverse Regimen. The goal of the Reverse Regimen is to decrease the appearance of dark spots, dullness and discoloration.

It was definitely a departure from the all natural skin care products I have been using the past year or two, but I wanted to give it a try.

Below are my Day 0 and Day 60 before/after photos. The day 0 photos are more red because I had just gotten out of a hot shower, so that change was not attributed to the regimen. That said, I definitely saw some small changes in my skin over the 60 days.

While the products did improve the discoloration and dark spots it, I've decided to go back to natural products. It's just more in line with my overall goal to use natural products on and my body.

If you're looking to try R&F products, they are raising their prices September 1st, so now is a good time to buy. I've seen some amazing results on other people, so if you struggle with discoloration, acne, etc they definitely have a regimen that might help you! I have a few friends that sell the products, so let me know if you would like me to connect you with one of them.


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