August 31, 2016


After our Epic hike on Monday we stopped at a little store in Teton National Park for an ice cream. After passing over the Haagen Dazs, the Ben & Jerry's and all the others that didn't quite seem to be what I wanted I found this!

Coolhaus Double Chocolate Chip Cookie + Dirty Mind Chip Ice Cream.

This was by far the best ice cream sandwich I have EVER had. It totally hit the spot after such a long day in the heat.

We liked them so much we stopped again yesterday after another hike. 

And we may have bought two more to put in the fridge to eat after tomorrow's adventure. 

I went to their website to see where I could find them near me, and of course, they are sold at pretty much every grocery store I go to. I guess I'm just not usually looking for ice cream sandwiches. This could be trouble! 

Try them if you haven't already. You won't be sorry!

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