August 10, 2016

Back to School

It's hard to believe that it's already August, and the school year will be starting in just a matter of weeks. The Mini doesn't go back to school until September 7th, so thankfully we still have a month of summer left.

If you follow C&C on Instagram you may have seen these New Balance sneakers that I posted over the weekend. 

The Mini Fashionista can't tie her shoes yet, and last year we had far too many battles over what shoes she was going to wear, so this was the solution. Aren't they cute? We've also purchased a few other things that I thought I would share. 

Her Skip Hop lunch bag has been well used the last three years, so it was time for something new.

This one is actually bigger than the Skip Hop, which will be nice as sometimes the other one was a bit packed. 

She also needed a new backpack. Of course she had her sights set on something with rainbows or unicorns, but somehow her dad convinced her this was a better option (insert personal opinions of a male who never had sisters). 

The Mini was actually ecstatic when we picked it up at REI. It's a perfect size for her body and will be great for school, hiking and travel. 

What's on your back to school list?

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