May 4, 2016

Showered With Love

With 11 weeks to go before baby McB arrives, my mom, sister, and the mini fashionista were so sweet and threw me the most special baby shower. AND, to top it off, five of my college friends from the Northwest, an old friend from Sun Valley that lives in California, two friends from Boston, and my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law from New York all came to town. Baby McB is already so loved and she hasn't even arrived yet!

With the "out of towners" we got in some touring and a really fun dinner at Fig & Olive at City Center (my go-to these days) before the big party on Saturday.

The shower was a brunch and they had Point Chaud come and make all-you-can-eat sweet and savory crepes. I need to find another excuse to throw a party, as they were a HUGE hit. Crazy delicious and really easy for people to eat. 

I feel so lucky to have such amazing family and friends to welcome our little girl into the world. With family so far away, I know we'll be leaning on our DC network as we make our way through parenthood.  


And, while there are only select sizes left, here's the ASOS dress I wore to the shower. I love everything about this dress...the sleeves, the cut, the stripes...and that says a lot because overall I'm pretty medium on maternity clothes. 

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