May 10, 2016

Goumi Kids

It's pretty fun to get all sorts of clothes for the mini fashionista 2.0. I've been so lucky to receive new things and hand-me-downs from so many friends and family. It was pretty exciting to come home the other day from work and find a package from Goumi Kids! Check out the awesome story of how two friends that met in 9th grade in Portland, Oregon reunited as new moms to solve the problem of mittens and socks that would stay on their bundles of joy. And from there, they company was born. I've been in the market for little mittens for Baby McB and I can already tell these will do just the trick.  

They also sent me the "Forest Friends Jamms" which will be awesome for all-around wear when the little one arrives. And since I have ZERO experience in this area, I'll take a good friend's word for it. Coincidentally just yesterday a box arrived from a friend that's a mom of two who swears by this for her little girl who was born eight weeks ago. These little Jamms will be getting a lot of use in the days to come (thankfully now I've got two!). 

Next on the list, I need to order some of their booties. They have the most adorable patterns on the bottom and now I don't need to buy socks...and do people have strong opinions on baby socks! Problem solved.  

And, to top it all off, not only do they create great product, but they give back too. 10% of all proceeds, and 100% from the goumigiving print, go directly to support efforts that protect children and invest in improving the lives of girls globally. Now that's a mission I can get behind.

I'll report back in 10 1/2 weeks with some photos of the little girl sporting her Goumikids!

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