April 5, 2016

What I Wore: Kiki Lynn Caftan

As you might have seen on instagram, last week we took our #zikafreeholiday (aka baby moon)..our last big hurrah alone before baby McB arrives in July. We were supposed to go to Baja, but if you've seen the news you know why we switched to California instead (hence the hashtag). More to come on that later, since these are ON SALE right now, I thought I'd post my most-worn garment of the trip - the Kiki Lynn Amy Caftan (excuse the bad photo). 

I wore this to and from the pool, on our drive from Laguna to Palm Springs and to grab lunch. This is going to be a pregnancy and post-pregnancy staple for me this summer. And in a range of colors, you really can't go wrong. Pink for the pool, black for travel, navy for weekends and olive green for coffee with friends...if you need ideas. And at this price, you really can't go wrong (think cost per wear). The navy is next on my list as I'm pretty sure I can't get through summer with just one of these babies.

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