March 29, 2016

Farm Spirit

Over the weekend I had one of the most amazing dining experiences in recent memory, maybe one of my top meals ever. 

At the suggestion of a friend, my +! and I went to Farm Spirit, a vegan restaurant that offers a small plates multiple course dinner to 14 diners Wednesday through Saturday night. They also offer a wine pairing and a non-alcoholic beverage pairing. We went with the wine!  

Upon arrival we found our names on the cute wooden placards and this simple place setting. I immediately knew it was going to be a good night.  All of the diners eat at the bar that faces the kitchen/prep-space, which makes for a fun and educational experience.

In total we had 12 courses (13 including the bread), all sourced from local farms and vendors. I won't go into detail about every dish, because there are a lot of little details, and everything is worth mentioning, but that would take up a lot of space. Not only was the food pretty on the plate, but it was DELICIOUS!

Here were the first four courses.

The bottom left was probably our favorite dish of the night. It was Maitake mushrooms, smoked potato (the white), black garlic, soubise, wild spring onion and leek ash. And some tasty "potato" chips. It was incredible!

The top left is a Fennel Vinegar Kiefer that we drank before the "dessert" courses. It was fresh and delicious and unlike anything I've ever had. The sour rye bread with pureed filberts, pickled shallots and dill was also one of my favorites (top right).

Farm Spirit serves delicious, innovative and healthy food, but it's not just about the food. It really is a dining experience. The service is impeccable. If you leave your seat, they immediately replace your napkin with a fresh and clean one. The water glasses were never below half full, and the chefs are attentive, friendly and engaging. 

At the end of the evening we chose from a selection of 2 coffees (pour over) or two fresh made teas. I went with the decaf tea. And, probably my favorite part of the dinner...really the cherry on-top was the amazing "breakfast bread" they sent us home with in this cute package. Mine didn't even make it to the car, let alone to breakfast! 

No doubt my +1 and I will be making another reservation very, very soon. 

If you live in Portland I highly recommend making a reservation. I suggest going as a party of 2 since everyone sits at the bar, which isn't very conducive to group conversation.

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  1. Wow, everything sounds incredibly unique and delicious! I can't wait to try it out. Thank you so much for sharing! :)