March 14, 2016

Blake Bombed

I'm usually a big fan of Blake Lively and her fashion choices. She embodies the word "bombshell", and she and RR are pretty much a modern day Ken and Barbie. But, at last weeks White House dinner honoring the Prime Minister of Canada....she pretty much bombed. 

The Ritz Carlton called, and they want their bathrobe back. 

She's still stunning, but next time she might want to remember to get dressed before going to dinner at the White House. We'll blame this one on "baby brain" and let it slide just this once. 

Sandra Oh, on the other hand, looks fun and colorful, and I love it! The shoes are a bit clunky, but luckily they are hidden by the skirt. 

And Michelle Obama and Sophie Trudeau looked like they leading ladies that they are. 

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