February 19, 2016

Knit Happens

If there's one thing we love here at C & C it's an awesome, entrepreneurial woman. And when you pair one with shoes, you've pretty much got a match made in heaven....enter Zhenzee. Zhenzee combines the age-old craft of knitting with durability, style, comfort and craftsmanship to create footwear designed to make you smile. And it does just that (especially their hashtag).

The company was co-founded by Shannon, a long-time friend of ours from Sun Valley who now lives in another great mountain town, Park City. She's worked for some incredible footwear brands and it's so exciting to see her kicking butt (in style) with her new company. 

From the beach to the mountains, these knit wonders are for the active girl who loves comfort. They were recently featured in Women's Running magazine as the perfect "after-sport" shoes. Now while I'm not running anywhere unless I'm chased anytime soon, I'm all about a change of shoes for every occasion (clearly post work out in the photo above, as I wasn't going to share how the rest of me looked).
With fun styles and colors, Zhenzees really do put a smile on your face. Who doesn't need a little more happy in their life?!


1 comment:

  1. These shoes are SO CUTE! Are they as comfortable as they look? I feel like I NEED them. Thanks for the post! Kelli