November 9, 2015

Moscow Mule Monday

I've been on a cocktail kick lately. I suffer from migraines, and as much as I love wine, I never know if even just one glass is going to trigger a headache. But one cocktail doesn't typically carry that same risk. Last summer I hosted a baby shower for a friend and she gave me these awesome copper mugs with the fixings for Moscow Mules.

And ever since this refreshing cocktail has been one of my go-tos. I'll even make them at home every once and a while. We have a small market a block from our house and they carry Fever-Tree Ginger Beer and limes. Add some vodka and you've got yourself a mighty fine cocktail. You can make your own Moscow Mule!

Moscow Mule
4 oz Ginger Beer
1 1/2 oz Vodka (I use Grey Goose or Belevedere
1/4 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice (I probably use more like 1/2 oz because I'm strong on lime).

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