November 19, 2015

I'm a Barbie Girl

I'm going to get a little controversial. I don't think Barbies are bad. While their bodies are totally messed up, I don't think Barbies themselves mess with little girls' minds. In fact, quite the opposite.

When Regan and I were girls our Barbies were rock stars. Literally. And they were lawyers, interior decorators and surgeons...often at the same time. It wasn't out of the norm for Barbie to get paged while accepting an Academy Award to go perform emergency surgery - which of, of course, she did. In her gorgeous peach gown, obviously.

My mom raised us to be strong girls, and we were...even playing with Barbie. And that play sparked our imagination, taught us to share (dividing up the furniture at the beginning was a feat of diplomacy), and even taught us about divorce (hey, it happens when you only have one Ken).

The folks at Mattel are out with this great new video that shows Barbie isn't all that meets the eye. I'm a Barbie girl, and I approve this message.

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