October 8, 2015

C & C on the Move: When in Rome

I'm back on the blog! Thanks for your patience as work and travel have taken over my life. I promised a Rome food recap so here it is! Let's start with the most important thing...gelato. I had it every day I was in Rome and loved both spots - San Crispino and Don Nino.  

I had two incredible meals that are DEFINITELY worth sharing. Let's start with Cul de Sac, located near the Piazza Navona. One of Rome's oldest enoteca's (wine bars) delivers in wine and food! The lasagne was hands down the best I've ever had. And of course I ordered mozzarella and tomato salad. When in Rome, right?!

Rome also delivered the best seafood I have ever tasted - and I'm not really a seafood person. Assunta Madre was off the charts. When you walk in the restaurant you're greeted by an insane assortment of fresh fish caught that day. It's so fresh that whatever isn't eaten that night goes to the fish market for the next morning.  

I was proud of myself for trying some things I wouldn't normally eat. My favorite dish was pasta with shrimps that had just the right amount of spice (not the most daring, but so delicious). 

And, of course, dessert. The presentation was nothing short of awesome. Chestnut and walnut ice cream presented in the actual nut shells. 

If you're headed to Rome, I'd definitely hit up these four spots. I know I'd go back in a heartbeat. 


  1. YES! We went to Cul de Sac two days in a row for that lasagna! So amazing.

    1. I gave katie the recommendation after seeing your instagram post!

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