October 20, 2015

3 Rules for Mixing Patterns

We've talked pattern mixing on the blog before. If done right, I'm a big fan. That being said, as you've probably noticed, I've been on a bit of a neutral, monochromatic kick. But I've also been trying to shop my own closet, which means there are only so many blacks, greys and camels that I can wear. Last week I put three patterns together in ONE outfit. Getting crazy, I know. Stripes, gingham and polka dots!

Here are my 3 rules for successful pattern pairings:
  • Stay in the same color family - I'm wearing three patterns, but I'm also only wearing three colors - navy, green and white. If they aren't all the same color, you should choose palettes that compliment one another.
  • You can only have one leading lady - You don't want competing patterns, so limit the number of super-bold to one and pair it with more simple patterns. The polka dot is my lead and the stripes and gingham are there to support.
  • Big isn't always better - Vary the scale of your patterns. If you've got a big bold floral print, pair it with a more simple stripe. 
Happy mixing! 

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