September 15, 2015

For the Boys: Yeti

Buying for guys is tough. Whether it's your dad, spouse, brother or Uncle...the guys I know buy what they want when they want it, leaving little to be gifted. So if you're in the need for that perfect something that you KNOW the man in your life will love, we've got the brand for you - Yeti! Two brothers started the company in 2006 with one mission - build the cooler they'd use every day. And I'd say, they did it. And while the coolers are pretty spendy, they've got a range of products in a range of prices. Here are some of my favorites.

A few years ago for Christmas I got Dr. B this cooler. It will seriously keep things cold for days. Yes, days.

We got our dad the Yeti Hopper 30 for Christmas last year, which was a huge hit for the man that has everything. 

Dr. B recently ordered the Yeti rambler, and he hasn't put it down since it arrived. Beer, ice water, you name it, your beverage will stay icy cold or hot for hours on end. 

And the Rambler Colster is perfect for tailgating! 

There's no reason you can't start your Christmas shopping early! 

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