July 15, 2015

C&C Around the House

This week we started the first steps of our kitchen remodel. I thought it would be fun to share the before and after with my C&C followers. 

Here are the photos that we used as inspiration for our design. 

 And here is the kitchen before they tore out my countertops and replaced them with plywood. 

Our "remodel" will consist of replacing our existing tile counters with concrete and replacing the backslash with white matte subway tile. This is a sample of the concrete next to the new tile. The counters will be 2 1/4" thick, similar to the existing counters.

Then we are replacing the cooktop, removing the cabinet above it to install a hood and replacing the sink and faucet. Here is the faucet we chose.
KWC 10.261.432.127 Sin Single Lever

I promise to share the after photos as soon as it is finished! 


  1. how exciting! a kitchen reno is a dream of mine, might have to follow up with specifics :)

    1. let me know when you want a GC recommendation. We have a fantastic guy! Really honest, reliable and fairly priced.