June 17, 2015

Products We Love: Polaroid Fotobar

I love photos. I'm always the girl with the camera. I have albums upon albums of memories from college and through my early twenties when we still shot with film. And today I take all my favorite pictures from the year and turn them into a coffee table book (the modern-day version of a photo album). So imagine my excitement when a colleague came back with this from the Polaroid Fotobar

This adorable little shadow box sits on his desk at work. And not only does it satisfy my nostalgia for the days of Polaroids, but the "Polaroid" itself is magnetic - so you can switch out photos. Or if you want to feature multiple images, they've got shadowbox collages in two sizes. 

This would be an awesome way to update photos in your own home (I'm thinking I need a single frame to show off the latest and greatest of my adorable niece the mini fashionista at work) or for family members. And, you can pull them off Facebook, instagram, or your phone. Here's your chance, it's time to liberate your photos! They've got stores in Las Vegas and Florida if you want the in-store experience, which I hear is pretty awesome - but their online shop is incredibly user-friendly. Happy shopping!

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