June 19, 2015

C&C in Portland:Verde Cocina

It's no secret that I enjoy eating healthy food and so does the Mini Fashionista, and my +1 for that matter. Lucky for us, Portland has a wide variety of healthy restaurants to choose from. Some of our favorites include Laughing Planet, Prasad, Porque No and Green Leaf Juicing Company

One of our newest favorite places is called Verde Cocina. They've had two locations in the city for a while now, but just recently opened a new location only three miles from our house. We've eaten there three times since they opened just about a month ago, and we are sure to go again soon.

Verde Cocina serves Northwest farm-to-fork ingredients with Mexican flair, and it's healthy and delicious. One of my MOST favorite things is the quality of the kids' menu. If only every restaurant was this healthy, fresh and balanced. No french fries and chicken fingers in sight.

Here's a look at the Mini Fashionista's dinner last week:fresh veggies, corn tortilla quesadilla, fruit, and white bean garbanzo mash. 

They serve beer and wine, have an outdoor patio and the food is great. If you are in Portland and haven't eaten at Verde Cocina yet, I highly recommend it.

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