May 21, 2015

The Stripe Obsession Continues

You all know I have a major obsession with white and blue stripes. I came across this dress on ASOS earlier this week, and I had to order it. 

And then I saw this one, and I had to order it too. 

And then I just kept pursuing all the other navy and white striped things I could find. I came across this dress. It reminds me of something Blair Eadie of the blog Atlantic Pacific would wear. It's crazy fabulous, but it also requires a really, really good set of abs. Not sure I could pull this off, but I am tempted to try. If only I had an occasion to wear it.

Then there is this one. It would be a great work dress....if I went to an office everyday.

And lastly, this romper is pretty fabulous. I don't own a romper, but this one is tempting me.

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