April 20, 2015

What I Wore: Pairing Peplum

Any Madame Secretary fans? Even though I typically shy away from D.C.-related political dramas (I'm too quick to knit-pick all the things that are completely unrealistic), I really like the series - especially Tea Leoni. Hillary Clinton should take some fashion cues from her wardrobe. So on a recent episode, Daisy the press secretary's outfit gave me some sartorial inspiration. 

She paired this Oscar de la Renta peplum top (of course a State Department employee wears Oscar...said no one ever) with a white button-down, and I majorly swooned not just for the top itself, but for how smart looking the combo is. And...it's a perfect way to transition sleeveless through spring. 

Straight to the closet I went to outfit plan. C. Wonder peplum top, Brooks Brothers non-iron shirt, Joe Fresh cropped straight-leg trousers, and Cole Haan patent mary janes had me feeling like I was ready for a Madame Secretary audition. 

I started out the day with the collar open, but once I got to work decided it looked more sophisticated closed. You might also note I got my cast off (insert sounds of heavens opening up at the idea of being able to shower without a plastic bag on my arm)! Serendipitously, the brace I "get" to wear for the next four weeks paired perfectly with the outfit. 

Don't have a sleeveless peplum? Here are a few options you might consider. 

Neiman Marcus Last Call - $24.12

H & M - $29.95

H & M - $29.95
Blue Fly - $59.99
Nordstrom - $68
Kate Spade - $198

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