April 29, 2015

What Blake Wore

You may know, if you've read the blog for a while now, that I am a big fan of "bombshell Blake" Lively. 

Post-baby Blake has been on a press tour for the release of her new movie Age of Adaline looking svelte and chic, as always. 

There were lots of "hits" and a few big misses. I'll forgive her for these two. This one is especially terrible...the pants aren't even tailored correctly, and that's the least of her problems.

And in case you can't see the detail in this photo, she is wearing a mesh body suit covered in stars. Yes, we know you are a "star" Blake, but not a constellation. I expect these sort of get-ups from Kim K, but not you.

Forgive and forget. 
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  1. she looks stunning in that red dress! the last outfit is kind of scary though...