April 8, 2015

C&C Around the House: Guest Blogger

While Katie tends to her arm over the next few months, I'm Jess and I am going to be helping out on C&C! I used to write my own blog, Courcy Inspired Design, but blogs are a lot of work ( I can attest to how hard Regan and Katie work to post daily!) and I have taken a hiatus. So here I am and will probably focus on interior design since that's what I love to blog about.

For my first post let's talk about swing arm lamps. I live in Boston in a small apartment, but I am a believer in making any space your own. My bedroom is TINY, which means the only things in there are my bed, a small night table and a decorative chair.  It has a cute chandelier, but if I need another light of some kind it can't really take up extra space on the night table. That's where I got the idea for a lamp on the wall. I immediately went to Pinterest for some in inspiration.

I loved the look immediately and saw there were lots of options out there, but many being pretty pricey. I prefer not to spend a lot, particularly since I live in a rental so I embarked on a mission to find "the look for less" as they say and this is what I found:

Urban Outfitters had some really affordable options with the two lamps on the left here and here. I have spotted the Eyeball Sconce in countless home tours online ever since I found it! IKEA's more industrial version at the top right was the best deal, but probably not quite the style I was looking for. Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Company had my favorite on the bottom right, but I think it's a bit out of my price range for a temporary space.

Needless to say I was pleased to see a lot of affordable options out there, so I can see how I like this style in my current space. What are your favorite places to get the look for less in interior design?

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