February 25, 2015

Head-to-toe Print

I happened upon this windowpane look on Ann Taylor Loft earlier this week (here), and it got me thinking about wearing the same print from head to toe. Given yesterday's post, head-to-toe looks must be on my mind. 

I'm not sure that I've ever done it....not because I wouldn't or couldn't....I just haven't. 

If you are going to wear one print from head-to-toe, this is how to do it! 

From Hapers Bazaar
J Crew
From Pop Sugar
Sincerely Jules
Olivia Palermo
photo from Paloma AMO

Kate Spade 15

Head-toe-toe print? Would you wear it in the city, would you wear it and feel pretty? Would you wear it at the beach? Would you wear it out to dinner? Do you think it would make your ass look thinner? Would you wear print from head to toe? Could you wear print from head to toe? Tell us, tell us we want to know!


  1. Just out of curiosity, do you read your comments and if so, why do you never respond? You always ask us in your posts what we think, would we wear something, what is our favorite, but when we do comment, it's like hearing crickets.

    To me, a blog should foster a sense of online community which means reading and responding to your dedicated users who take the time to read your posts and reply. Man Repeller does a GREAT job engaging their community by responding to their comments all the time. It seems like common courtesy to take the time to respond to comments, especially if they are solicited in the posts.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and yes, we do try to respond as often as we can. I apologize that you feel your comments haven't been addressed. Feel free to comment on our FB page as well, as often it is easier for us to monitor comments made there as the comments go to our email, which as I am sure you can appreciate sometimes gets overlooked because of a crowded inbox.