January 21, 2015

What Would You Do

I have a $50 gift card from Nordstrom that I received for Christmas. Who doesn't like $50 at a store like Nordstrom? My problem is that whenever I receive gift cards, I always end up spending more money.

So, I thought for today's post I would find a list of items all under $50 that I could use my gift card to purchase.

If I'm being practical, I should ditch some very old underwear and get these. If you've never tried Hanky Panky underwear, the low rise thongs are the only thing I wear. There is a high likelihood this purchase will happen. P.S. How can so little fabric be SO expensive?

I really like this One-button cardigan. It comes in a number of colors and would be a great everyday staple over my workout clothes, but I probably have 5 things like it in my closet. 

I could also try some of the cosmetic products Katie K. recommend last week....My dark circles could use some serious camouflaging...this might do the trick! 

And who doesn't need another lip gloss?

Okay, so this cape isn't under $50...but I would only have to spend $10 to make it mine. That seems like a total deal, and it's pretty amazing!

So, what would you do with $50 to spend at Nordstrom?

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