January 30, 2015

Products We Love

For those of you that don't live in Portland, let me apologize ahead of time because you are not going to like me very much after this post. 

Today's post is about a product I don't just love, I'm crazy for them ! 

Let me introduce you to Pixie Retreat Raw'r L'il Pudding Cups. I was turned on to these $7 cups of pure magic by my friends Kait and Candace from barre3. Thanks to you ladies I now have a serious addiction. 

These little cups of magic come from Pixie Retreat Raw'r "makery" that makes all raw vegan organic gluten free soy free dairy free refinedsugarfree plantbased whole foods, REAL FOOD. 

Everything they make is crazy good. You can find their products at their SE storefront and also at a variety of grocery stores throughout the city including Food Front, New Seasons, and Whole Foods. And, if you want to be sure you can get your hands on one of these little cups of magic, they re-stock on Thursdays!

The Mini Fashionista was pretty excited about our most recent visit. And trust me, you'll be as giddy as a three year old too when you get your hands on one!

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