September 19, 2014

Oh Canada

I don't often think about our friendly neighbors to the North, but since I saw this jacket from a Canadian company, I've had Canada on my mind.

My friend Molly was wearing it in the barre3 studio the other day, and I was immediately smitten. It looks a bit like something you might find at Lululemon.

It has the most adorable ruching along the sides, neck and shoulders.

And I'm obsessed with the metallic polka dot fabric. 

Here's the thing, Molly really didn't want me to blog about it. She said I could get one, but she doesn't want all of Portland wearing it. Well, I was just too excited not to share it, but have you noticed that I haven't shared the name of the company? Well, to make it just a little harder, you will have to track it down yourself. I know that's a totally lame thing to do, but I want to keep Molly as my friend. L

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