September 11, 2014

Black Tie Optional

I've got a work trip coming up and one of the events is a black tie optional dinner. Did I mention the trip is to Paris? I know, I know. It's tough being me. Especially since I got to go on the same trip last year (remember those posts?) This year I'll be going sans Dr. B, but know it will still be a nice jaunt across the pond. I digress.

If this was a work event at home, black-tie optional (which really means cocktail these days) would mean take a nice work dress, add a statement necklace with some sparkle, and voila! But Paris…it's the majors. And while I wish this amazing gold Dolce and Gabanna dress that I have was an option, it doesn't fit (we'll save that for a "Keeping it Real" post one of these days) and Rent the Runway doesn't make sense because it's an overseas trip. Nordstrom to the rescue. 

This Maggy London dress is a steal at $150 ($148 to be exact), is the ideal length for my taste, and is perfectly chic. I've learned that this style is my go-to if I want something figure flattering, and I know this will become an "old reliable" in my closet. For reference, I ordered a size up since it's a close, body-conscious fit - I didn't want to look too bootylicious around my colleagues. Of course I'll be sharing photos from the trip in early October, so stay tuned. 

Anyone have any must-dos, must-eats in Paris that I may not know about? 

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