August 22, 2014

Products We Love

It feels like I have been on the go nearly all summer. We leave the house by 9 a.m. every morning and don't usually arrive home until 2-3 p.m, if not later. That means that every morning I pack a lunch for myself and for the Mini Fashionista to take with us. If we ate "out" every day we would be spending a small fortune, so I try to limit it. 

The Mini Fashionista's lunch gets packed in her Yumbox, which I blogged about back in March (here)! 

They've even added a new box called the Panino that is for adults and kids! 

Anyway, I don't have a Yumbox, but I recently purchased another fantastic and green lunch container from U Konserve. They sell a variety of quality, safe and reusable food storage.

I got this stainless steel square box that is perfect for salads. 

They have a number of other containers including these nesting sets.

And this insulated food jar, great for hot or cold food. 

These containers are great for kids and adults alike. I think I might be ordering a few more of their products. 

Do you have favorite reusable lunch containers?

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